We sell only hardwood timbers cut and split into lengths of 8 inch. Our 1 Metre Cube bags of timbers are a mixture of British hardwoods  seasoned for at least 9 months.

Apple: Slow burning with a pleasant scent producing a smaller flame

Ash: One of best wood-fuels, producing a steady flame and intense heat

Beech: Burns similar to Ash  with a full flame and intense heat.

Birch : Quicker burner with intense heat

Chestnut: Reasonable flame and heat output

Hawthorn : A traditional firewood with a slow burn and strong heat output.

Horse chestnut : This wood is burnt well in wood stoves as it can spit. It produces a good flame and strong heat output.

Oak : the density of the wood produces a small flame and very slow burn.

Coppice Products

We supply Pegs, Poles, Cuttings, and Living Willow for structures such as Tunnels and Domes.

20 cm cuttings – these can be used for hand planting into a weed free seed bed.

40 cm cuttings – these can be used for hand planting through geotextile membrane. They can also be used for gapping up.

60 cm cuttings – these are the best size for gapping up in crops that have grown well in the establishment year. The larger size means the cuttings can compete with the already established plants after they’ve been cut back.

Poles can be up to 3 Metres in Length.

Bespoke Products : 

Swedish Torch

The height of the torches vary depending on the timbers available with the smallest being at least 20cm. The ultimate self contained atmospheric camp fire. The approximate burn times are:

Small 1-2 Hours

Large 1.5-2.5 Hours

Tall 2.5-3.5 Hours

We team up with the Responsible Timber Company CIC to reclaim suitable wood and transform redundant timbers into bespoke products.

Habitat Boxes

the habitat for most birds, bees, bats and insects are the hollows in older tree which younger woodlands cannot provide, we can improve biodiversity through nesting and habitat boxes. We reclaim suitable timbers to construct nestboxes and habitat Boxes for Hedgehogs, Bats and Butterflies.

Rustic Furniture

We love to reclaim materials and use them again it to create bespoke products such as seating and planters.

Playground Equipment- Timber playground equipment which encourages both sensory and inclusive play.

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